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Thank You My Lovely!

Spiritual Journey - Adventures of a Mystic Warrior - Rocco Robert D'Ordine

Well jump.
I am afraid. I can’t jump that far. Or, that high.
Maybe not your physical body. But your energy body is boundless. Leap over me. And as you do, I will purify you with my essence. My scent of living love will heal you.
I was dubious. But what did I have to lose? So I let go of my lack of imaginative mind and leapt with reckless abandonment.
As I glided over these beauties, My fear, my sadness, my insecurities were rendered harmless; drained of their potency, down into the earth and I soared even higher – riding an air current of Joy.I did land on the other side of these miraculous beauties, looked back and saw my now fading body, as an unfamiliar self across the way.
No matter. I was ecstatic to be. Alive. Empty of doubt. Of fear. Of loss. Full to the top of my heart with New Life. “Thank you my lovely!”