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Listen as our hero, the Apprentice, has their very first encounter with a Gnome!

Narrated by Adam Ewing.
Directed and Edited by Mathieu D'Ordine at Ideal Opera.
Mixed and Mastered by Ian Campbell at afterpostmodernism in Denver, CO.

About the Narrator

Adam Ewing is an opera singer, pianist, liturgical music director, and professor of voice. Hailing from northeast Kansas, his career has taken him to New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, California, Vancouver, Beirut, and the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, where he and his cat currently reside. He earned his Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Although this is his first audio book, Adam has years of experience as a public radio announcer. Adam is an avid reader of fantasy novels, and enjoys hiking around Boulder, as well as playing board games.

About the Director and Editor

A professional cellist, Mathieu D’Ordine is an experienced freelancer in the world of classical music. He has also spent time in arts management and administration, whether scheduling actors for an audiobook or organizing a complex production at an opera company. Mathieu received his education at the University of Colorado at Boulder; there he discovered that he enjoys reviving forgotten music just as much as bringing new art to the stage and the recording booth. You can find his orchestral reductions at Ideal Opera.


About the Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Ian Campbell is a music industry professional with over 20 years of experience delivering custom, high-quality productions for clients across the United States of America. He is a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer; producer; composer; drummer; and publisher. Learn more at

Original Soundtrack

About the Composer

Colorado based composer and musician, Dylan Fixmer, is a genuine and passionate artist whose works reflect his diverse career. Composing for others is Dylan’s way to seek truth and heal the soul. For inspiration he draws upon nature, the human spirit, and a multitude of musical styles from Classical to Rock, Jazz to traditional Irish. Dylan writes for multifarious contexts from symphonic to solo and ensemble work, theater, choir, and film. He holds degrees in music from the University of Colorado and the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and is the current composer in residence at the Mt. Blanca Summer Music Conservatory. Learn more at

About the Book

Training to be a mystic warrior is filled with quests, landscape research, spirit guides, and characters from multiple realms. You must: trust your instincts, rely on a plethora of entertaining and extraordinary helpers, and travel beyond the physical plane to find peace within.

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