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Rocco's Quotes

Every Word Has a Meaning

Every word has a meaning: dictionary, inside our heads and is directional. See what direction (location) your words travel as they sound out to the world.

Immortal Youth

Your immortal youth is never ravaged by time.

Questioning Good Intent

When we question the veracity of our good intent, we are less likely to judge the bad behavior of others.

Nectar of God

I am reminded to taste the nectar of God, when I see the face of your soul.

Discover True Thinking

When we discover our thinking is not true, we discover true thinking.

How To Get To Your Wisdom

You know how to get to innate thinking. How to get to your wisdom. You know where it is. Just like you know where the kitchen is.

To See

You will see things that are not there. But most of all, many things will not be seen.

Invisible Reality

It is difficult speaking about the invisible reality because, it is after all, invisible. It sounds as if we are talking about, nothing. No thing. And in a sense. We are.

Your Story

Everything that has happened to you up until now is just a story.


Maybe the story can become transparent. And, we begin to see beyond the invisible thoughts: re-creating the story to a view of the Source of creation.


Your drives, desires, actions, beliefs, habits, relationships, loves, will all evolve and change over time for your metamorphosis to be complete. You are becoming . . . Free. You need no teacher, guru, spiritual leader or book to teach you to be extraordinary. Just a reminder from a good friend, and a little encouragement to … remember!

Heart and Mind

When you behave as if it is the others you meet who are more valuable than your self image, your wings will carry you to the most extraordinary places of the heart and mind: where the vision of your New Life (Dante) will unwrap your sacred self.

About the Book

Training to be a mystic warrior is filled with quests, landscape research, spirit guides, and characters from multiple realms. You must: trust your instincts, rely on a plethora of entertaining and extraordinary helpers, and travel beyond the physical plane to find peace within.

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