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Grounded in Love

Spiritual Journey - Adventures of a Mystic Warrior - Rocco Robert D'Ordine

How come the current condition of life disturbs me so much? I ask.
“We imagine your perception of reality is being disrupted.” The flower says.
Well, ‘you’ can put it that way.
“How would you put it?”
I feel ill, angry, disappointed, frustrated, stressed – and that is just the beginning of how it is disrupting my life. Can you help me to understand what is going on?
“We could but, we are not sure it is what your conscious mind will accept, in its current location.”
Okay, okay, you lost me right there. Location?
“Let’s back up a few steps. Here is a possible order of how you arrived where you are now. We will call this a ‘location’.
“The order might be; invisible (psychic) atmospheric, energy field, body, unconscious, thought/feelings, body/feelings – with the recycling of thoughts (seeking resolution) and feelings (responding to seeking resolution). Ending, where it all started. Invisible (psychic) atmosphere (this time recreated by all your own thinking/feeling). Which, if you think about it is, a location.
Okay, that is a whole sack of confusion! Can you simplify it?
That is it. That is your insight today?
“Yes. What you are thinking and what you are feeling is a relative truth based on your history, where you have lived inside your mental/emotional beingness; the location of your livingness – which, if you think about it – cycles through different states. Happy. Sad. Angry. Proud. Hate. Love. Vulnerable. Nationalistic. Nepotistic. Competitiveness. This list of separation from your highest being perspective (who you really are as a true human being-in relationship with the Love of the world-in relationship with other human beings, with nature, with Spirit/Soul), this list can be viewed as locations you visit. Let’s call it an unconscious choice or (as recently described) an unconscious bias.”
Wow! That is a lot to take in. To, understand.
“Yes. For now, just remember your ‘Big Loves’. Of people. Of places. Of Spirited things. That will bring you to a starting point. A location. From there, view all those other thoughts and feelings locations you travel to, daily. Then, come visit me again. Once you ground yourself in Love.”
I stepped into my Love location and looked ‘out there’ at my thinking/feeling world. It was busy with worry, concern and fear. But I wasn’t. Maybe there is something to this Love location after all!